Let languages shout out your business benefits

June 6st, 2016

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Let languages shout out your business benefits

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The Guardian rapporte:

In Europe, 55 million people, 10% of the EU’s population, speak a regional, minority or endangered language. (…)

A key role played by a minority language, Trainor says, is as a brand differentiator offering a competitive edge in a crowded market. (…)

Use of a minority language is particularly valuable in the food industry, allowing producers to highlight origin and quality. (…)

The Welsh government says there is a strong business case for use of the language and offers companies support to do so through its Business Wales initiative. (…)

And if sceptics in an overwhelmingly English-language market dismiss the business case for Irish as wishful thinking, they will be doing so in the face of hard evidence that it can be a multimillion-euro contributor to the economy (…)