Badlabecques Launch Crowdfunding Campaign for New Album

November 11nd, 2016

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Badlabecques Launch Crowdfunding Campaign for New Album

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Badlabecques annonchent:

Badlabecques Launch Crowdfunding Campaign for New Album
Jèrriais-singing band Badlabecques have launched a campaign to raise £2500 in the next four weeks, to help release their second studio album.

Badlabecques Crowdfunder from Kit Ashton on Vimeo.

Fans of Badlabecques are able to make pledges for a range of rewards – from just £1.00 for a “thank you and a warm Jèrriais glow”, £10.00 to pre-order the CD itself, to various other more expensive options including VIP tickets, fine art prints of the artwork by Jersey artist Matt Falle, or even a private performance from Badlabecques themselves.

Lead singer Kit Ashton says:

“We’ve all worked really hard on this record and we have ten new songs very nearly finished. We think it sounds brilliant so we’re itching to release it – but we don’t have a record label behind us so we just need a bit more help to make sure we can really do it justice.”

The album will be titled ‘Cocolîncheux!’ (which means cockadoodledoo!) and it includes new songs the band have either adapted or written and performed over the last few years.
The material is a mix of traditional Jèrriais songs (like ‘Vive La Compagnie’), translated cover versions (e.g. The Beatles ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’), and original material – often based on well-known Jèrriais poems (e.g. ‘T’en r’Souveins-tu’ by EJ Luce); all of which they have produced in their typical ‘pop-folk’ style. Badlabecques have also been working closely with Jèrriais poet Geraint Jennings, who has provided some lyrics and spoken word samples; and a few songs feature special guest performances from flautist Naomi West, and violinist Vinny Donnelly.

They have been recording with Badger Productions in Jersey, and the album will be mixed by Neil Costello (James Taylor Quartet, Katie Melua), and mastered by Streaky (Cheryl Crow, Adele).

Badlabecques hope the album will contribute to their vision “to promote Jèrriais as a living part of Jersey’s cultural identity, not just as ‘heritage’, but as something we can enjoy and be proud of as we move forwards into the future.” Jersey’s local language Jèrriais is considered ‘critically endangered’ and the States of Jersey recently committed to continue efforts to maintain and revitalise it for the islanders of the tomorrow.

Collaboration with Les Amis Choir
The new album will also feature a collaboration with Les Amis Choir, who have already recorded their part on the song ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’ in both Jèrriais and English.
Les Amis PR and Marketing Manager Lauren Carre says:
 “After collaborating with Badlabecques at the Island Games, Les Amis residents couldn’t wait to start working on the album. It’s been a fantastic opportunity for our choir to gain experience in recording and singing alongside Badlabecques. Our residents are very excited for all the islanders to hear it when it is released. As a local Jersey charity, it’s been great to come together with Badlabecques and help to preserve Jersey’s endangered language, Jèrriais.”
If Badlabecques reach their crowdfunding target they will be on course to release the album in spring 2017.
The crowdfunding page can be accessed via this link, and features a video in which a small preview of a new song can be heard:
The crowdfunding link is also on the Badlabecques Facebook page: