Liberating Language

January 1rd, 2017

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Liberating Language

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Liam Èrnon donne un discours à SOAS:

My presentation focuses on minority languages as a tool of resistance. The film follows William Renouf, who was 4 at the outbreak of the Second World War. It follows his tale of Jersey under occupation and recounts his memory and the way that Jerriais was used as both a tool of resistance and as a tool to recount certain memories. As well as a way of recording this memory, I try to understand movement and geography to create an Anthropologically rich and Ethnographic piece that situates itself in debates surrounding representation in Visual Anthropology.

Furthermore, I am currently continuing this project through a different Anthropological lens. I want to situate Jerriais contemporarily inside a globalised Jersey. Through recordings of Jerriais, people’s contemporary interaction with Jerriais and the iconoclash of large finance’s spectacle and Jersey’s agricultural industry, I want to situate Jerriais inside a globalised world.