Discours par Dr Mari Jones

March 3st, 2017

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Discours par Dr Mari Jones

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On Friday 7th April at 1.10p.m., Dr Mari Jones of the University of Cambridge will present a lunchtime talk in the Jersey Library’s Friday series.

Why should we bother about Jèrriais?”

She explains: “This talk is aimed at a general audience – and is accessible to all, regardless of whether or not you speak Jèrriais. 

I will begin by explaining what led me, a Welsh-speaker from the Valleys of South Wales, to become interested in Norman, and why I have chosen to devote a large part of my academic career at the University of Cambridge to studying the Norman French of the Channel Islands. 

I will consider reasons why I believe that learning Jèrriais is important and describe how speaking Jèrriais can benefit Jersey’s younger generation. The talk will also explore how speaking Norman French can help us to learn more about the history of English  and how Jèrriais could have a valuable role in developing cultural links between Jersey and the Norman mainland.”