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May 5rd, 2017

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Dictionary addenda

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  • un lave-tchu = a small room in a house (without bathroom) used for wash and brush up or strip wash
  • trampolinner = to trampoline
  • la trampolinn’nie = trampolining
  • eune dêfouisseuse = a digger (machine)
  • un bliuet = a blueberry, a bilberry
  • un brîn d’maïs = a kernel of sweetcorn
  • un êpi d’maïs = an ear of sweetcorn, a corncob, corn on the cob
  • un trou d’êpi d’maïs = a corncob core
  • d’la frambouaise frandgie = raspberry ripple

Tch'est qu'ch'est? Ch'est eune dêfouisseuse – What's that? It's a digger #jerriais @jerseyboatshow pic.twitter.com/qfaCL5WJ2d

— L'Office du Jèrriais (@le_jerriais) May 3, 2017