La Fête du Jèrriais

September 9th, 2018

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La Fête du Jèrriais

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La Fête du Jèrriais continnue:

The Chief Minister ‘@John_Le_Fondre and @GeraintJennings marking the start of Jersey’s first ever La Fête du Jèrriais. The week-long event has been organised by the Jèrriais Teaching Team alongside L’Office du Jèrriais. #jerriais18 #JerseyCI #jallons

— States of Jersey (@StatesofJersey) September 25, 2018

Nous-y-v’là! So the big day has arrived for the #JerseySongProject. 13 local artists sing new songs with some #Jèrriais in the lyrics. Can’t wait! Huge thanks to @JerseyWordFest, @CHASE_DTP & @arthousejersey for supporting this project. Tickets here! >>

— Kit Ashton (@Kit_Ashton) September 26, 2018

— Kit Ashton (@Kit_Ashton) September 25, 2018

#jallons à la bibliothèque – we’re going to the library
Lunchtime Jèrriais lesson @JerseyLibrary 1.10-1.50pm #jerriais18

— La Fête du Jèrriais (@fetedujerriais) September 25, 2018

J’allons en Ville pouor faithe la boutiqu’sie. J’allons à la boutique pouor acater des lédgeunmes. Et d’temps en temps #jallons à la banque pouor ramâsser des sou #jerriais18

— La Fête du Jèrriais (@fetedujerriais) September 25, 2018

Pleased to do my small bit for #Jèrriais in Jèrriais this morning. @GeraintJennings @le_jerriais @JerriaisWord #CulturalJersey

— Montfort Tadier (@DeputyTadier) September 24, 2018