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March 3th, 2019

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Académie du Jèrriais

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The Académie du Jèrriais has been set up in order to adjudicate and advise on usage, neologisms, definitions and language questions in order to provide a reliable source of guidance for language planning purposes. At its first meeting the panel considered a list of environmental vocabulary consisting of phrases attested (but not yet added to the dictionary) or suggested, and English expressions for which a Jèrriais equivalent was sought. Here are the recommendations of the first tranche of phrases (these do not replace existing phrases or words, but may supplement existing usages)

big cats
les grands cats
sea mammals
les mammiféthes dé mé
exotic fish
les paîssons exotiques
deep-sea fish
les paîssons d’profonde mé
rare species
l’s espêces rares
industrial fishing
la pêque îndustrielle
a safari
un safari
a collector
un collecteux
a trophy
eune coupe
la trafiqu’thie
la chasse illégale
to poach
chasser/ pêtchi illégalement
to dwindle
to disappear, to become instinct
en captivité
sans souôtchien / sans souôtchein