Andouôle – Andouille

August 8th, 2019

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Andouôle – Andouille

Office du Jerriaisfood, vocabulary

  • andouôle = andouille (type of sausage)
  • saûciche = sausage (for grilling/frying)
  • saûcichon = sausage (dried/smoked for slicing etc)

saûcichon is apparently borrowed and adapted from French; such sausages were imported and bought in Town, rather than produced in the Jersey countryside. If there had been a tradition of production of such sausages, it appears to have died out by the C19th.

Another sausage product is:

boudîn = black pudding (primary meaning is intestine, hence the expression un Jèrriais n’est janmais battu d’vant tch’i’ n’porte ses boudîns à sa braichie = a Jerseyman is never beaten until he carries his intestines in his arms)

Some andouille-related idioms:

  • i’ s’en fut du boudîn d’andouôles = he/it went from bad to worse
  • laîssi tout aller en boudîn d’andouôles = let everything go to the devil