The Queen Mother’s mèrvelle

November 11th, 2010

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The Queen Mother’s mèrvelle

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Mèrvelles sus d'l'îndgienne Wonders on gingham

Queen Mother’s ‘mervelle’

Last year the theme of what he displayed was the Norman Conquest and featured this time was the Jersey cow. Miss Dabbs, a student at the London College for Speech and Drama, was dressed as a Jersey milkmaid and a Jersey heifer from an Elstree farm helped to complete the picture, together with milk cans, etc. Mrs. Frank Le Maistre, of La Brecquette, L’Etacq, St. Ouen, had made a large batch of “mérvelles” for the occasion and the Queen Mother tasted one of these Jersey wonders and said that it was delicious. In addition, the Jersey Milk Marketing Board had co-operated and guests present were also able to sample richer milk than that to which they were accustomed.

Jersey Weekly Post 7/12/1967