Bouan Noué! – Merry Christmas!

November 11th, 2010

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Bouan Noué! – Merry Christmas!

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Yes, the requests for translations of Christmas messages are already pouring in.

Bouan Noué = Merry Christmas

As the start of La Fête dé Noué approaches, a little hint on pronunciation: the ou is like in Saint Ouen and Ouaisné – it’s a W sound. So if you try and say Noué as though it was written nweh, you’ll be getting close. And that goes for the ou in bouan, too.

More festive vocab here, and we also have Christmas carols in Jèrriais available. And don’t forget the Bouan Noué book of Christmas carols, poems, stories and recipes in Jèrriais (which is on sale at La Société Jersiaise bookshop).