Scenery in the St. Lawrence (1830)

November 11th, 2010

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Scenery in the St. Lawrence (1830)

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A (not very flattering) reference to the Jèrriais-speaking diaspora in Canada turns up in an article “Scenery in the St. Lawrence” in the United Service Magazine in 1830:

On entering the Bay of Gaspe, the scene before us was of the most animating description. It is a fine extensive bay, capable of containing a large fleet in the utmost safety. Several vessels were lying at anchor, and groups of boats, some stationary, and others under sail, were following their busy occupation of fishing in various parts of the bay. The town of Douglas is seated at the inner extremity of the bay, and, like most fishing towns, has rather a straggling appearance. The number of inhabitants is considerable, although widely scattered; and it is an extraordinary fact, that there are few or no Canadians among them; the principal part being from Guernsey and Jersey. They speak an unintelligible patois Jersey French.