Tiullots and fliottes

December 12th, 2010

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Tiullots and fliottes

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From the Jersey Weekly Post 27/7/1972:

Conger recipes win prizes

Judging took place recently in the Sark recipe competition, announced on this page some weeks ago (…)


Many other interesting recipes were entered, including those for blackberry and apple pudding, “tiullots” (little dumplings cooked in sweetened milk and made with flour and eggs) and à la Vauroque.

A pity they could not all have won a prize!

We don’t know if anyone still makes tiullots in Sark nowadays – they seem from the description to be like Jersey fliottes. The Sercquiais word tiullot resembles the Jèrriais word tchul’lée (a spoonful) and presumably refers to the small spoonfuls of batter mixture one drops into the boiling milk. Unless of course, they are actually small tchus!

Here’s a video recipe for fliottes:


  • tchulyi = spoon
  • pèrdre sa tchulyi = kick the bucket
  • tchulyi en bouais = wooden spoon
  • tchulyi à pot = ladle
  • tchulyi à thée = teaspoon