Edward Le Brocq 1877-1964

April 4th, 2011

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Edward Le Brocq 1877-1964

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Edward Le Brocq, auteu d’Ph’lip et Merrienne, mouothit aniet en 1964.
Edward Le Brocq, Jèrriais author, died on this day in 1964.

Death of Mr. Edward Le Brocq

…he regularly contributed the vernacular feature, “Ph’lip et Merrienne”…


He was rarely seen without his pipe and he always had a cheery word for everyone, more often than not this being in Jersey-French…

Jersey Weekly Post 18/4/1964

A betot

…His pipe, his glass and the robust humour of the vernacular, in which he expressed himself so vigorously and with a turn of phrase that none could emulate… No longer will one read in his “Ph’lip et Merrienne” column, “A la s’maine tchi veint, Moussieu,” for the long days and years have caught up with him and it is now “A bétôt, man Ph’lip.”

Jersey Weekly Post 18/4/1964

…the newspaper had a very strong vernacular tradition, most of the best of the indigenous language writers having contributed to its columns either in poetry or prose. Not the least of these is Edward Le Brocq, the creator of the inimitable country couple, “Ph’lip et Mêrrienne”, the weekly report of whose life at Portinfer we are happy to continue as a link with “Les Chroniques”.

Jersey Weekly Post 9/1/1960