The Toad and the Donkey

June 6th, 2011

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The Toad and the Donkey

Office du Jerriaisbooks, Jersey Evening Post

The Toad and the DonkeyEune èrveue dé “The Toad and the Donkey” sus la Gâzette du Sé d’Sanm’di l’4 dé Juîn:
A review of “The Toad and the Donkey” in the Jersey Evening Post, Saturday 4 June:

“…the book is a fascinating and often first-person snapshot of the life and history of the Islands. Open the book at any page and there will be an anecdote, observation or story that illuminates Island life temps passé…

…The book is essential reading for anyone interested in studying each of the islands’ Norman languages, and definitely a good read for those who enjoy a glimpse of Island history, written by the people who lived it.”