Lé Vièr Soudard – The Old Soldier

July 7th, 2011

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Lé Vièr Soudard – The Old Soldier

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Eune annonche en poésie – en Angliais et Jèrriais – pouor la boutique Lé Vièr Soudard dé 1905.

This 1905 advertisement in verse for The Old Soldier includes a couple of Jèrriais phrases. The shop sign was a red army coat: eune rouoge câsaque.

“Hullo, where are you going, old man?
To “Le Vier Soudard” in New Street, where I can
Buy Clothing that will stand all weathers,
And Boots (not of cardboard) but made of Solid Leather.
Just pay him a visit, take my advice,
You will not hesitate about going twice
To 34, New Street, where the goods they stock
Under the sign of “La Rouoge Casaque.”