Halloween – Lé Sabbat des Chorchièrs

October 10th, 2011

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Halloween – Lé Sabbat des Chorchièrs

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  • Lé Sabbat des Chorchièrs = Witches’ Sabbath (traditionally believed to take place on Fridays)

Né v’chîn un but en Jèrriais d’la collection “The Toad and the Donkey” prîns d’la pièche “Le Sabat des Chorchièr‘” (1891) par Charles Picot.

Something in Jèrriais for Halloween from the chapter “Devils, Witchcraft and Things that go Bump” in the anthology “The Toad and the Donkey“. The Reverend Charles Picot tells a tale of how Douar (Edward) finds himself caught up in a witches’ sabbath with a difference – the witches are cats! (If you want an English translation – it’s in the book.)