August 8rd, 2012

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A family activity book about Guernsey’s native language has been produced by Guernsey Museums.

‘Warro!’ is the latest publication in Guernsey Museum’s activity book series, which ranges from ‘Roman Times in Guernsey to Childhood Memories’ and ‘The Guernsey Tom’. This book, which has been written and edited by Yan Marquis and Guernsey Museum’s Access and earning Manager Jo Dowding. It is aimed at families who do not know any of the language and includes a guide on how to say each word, colours, clothes, family, friends and much more.

The book also includes word searches, rhymes, phrases, a colouring section and a small alphabet.

Deputy Mike O’Hara, Minister for Culture and Leisure said:

‘”This book is the latest in a series of activities from Culture and Leisure aimed at growing Guernsey’s own language, other exciting initiatives are planned for the near future that will underline the department’s commitment to Guernsey French.'”