La Fête Nouormande est lanchie!

June 6th, 2014

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La Fête Nouormande est lanchie!

Office du Jerriaisbooks, Fête Nouormande

La Fête Nouormande 2014 kicks off today and leads up throughout the week to the big weekend.

What’s on today?

All this week: a small display in the Société Jersiaise library of books on Norman language, literature, and culture.

This evening: launching Eune Pouch’tée d’Poésies – a new reader of Jèrriais poems for children (and adults too!) with translations into English.

What’s on tomorrow?

Come and play doque, a traditional Jersey pebble tossing game, at the pétanque pitch in Parade gardens (by All Saints) at 6pm. Come and watch if you’re curious, or feel free to join in. It’s simple, but fun!