Au café à matîn – At the café this morning

October 10th, 2015

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Au café à matîn – At the café this morning

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D'l'hôlouog'gie et la Séthée ès Chorchièrs au café à matîn – Clocks & #Halloween @CostaCoffee #jerriais @OrchardToys

— L'Office du Jèrriais (@le_jerriais) October 29, 2015

All welcome (beginners, old faces, eavesdroppers) every Thursday at Costa Coffee, Bath Street, Saint Helier 10.30-11.30am for Jèrriais: advanced conversation, gossip, and speaking practice for those who want it; basic vocab and phrases and simple pronunciation for those who want something non-challenging. Just want to hear some Jèrriais, or got a simple question? Everyone welcome – come and leave when you like, stay for as long as you want (some were still chatting away at 12.10 this afternoon!)

Also: pub Jèrriais every Tuesday at the Adelphi, The Parade, Saint Helier 5.30-6.30. Join the table with the toad for conversation or simple words and phrases (perhaps a game, as above?)