Bram & Elie

September 9th, 2018

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Bram & Elie

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100 years ago, Jèrriais literature lost two of its biggest names: Philippe Le Sueur Mourant and E.J. Luce. In August 1918, Mourant – creator of Bram Bilo and Piteur Pain – passed away, and a few weeks later E.J. Luce – poet, playwright and great promoter of Jèrriais writing – was struck down by the flu pandemic. To commemorate the centenary of their deaths and celebrate the continuing liveliness and influence of their stories, a collection of stories by the two writers is being published with parallel English translations – most of these texts have never been republished since their first appearance in print. La Société Jersiaise will host an afternoon of readings from the new book “Bram & Elie” with an introduction to other works by the two authors in the context of a celebration of Jèrriais culture.

Members Room, Pier Road 2pm Saturday 29th September 2018. Free entry