Eune arînmée – A nursery rhyme

February 2th, 2015

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Eune arînmée – A nursery rhyme

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At this week’s café and chat session (every Thursday 10.30-11.30am: Costa Coffee, Bath Street, Saint Helier), this Jèrriais nursery rhyme was played with our youngest participant:

À l’Êta, à l’Êta,
Sus man p’tit blianc j’va –
Au pas… au pas… au pas
Au trot… au trot… au trot
Au galop, au galop, au galop!

(You say the rhyme while bouncing the child on your knee(s), going faster as the rhyme goes from walking pace, to trotting to galloping.)

Many more Jèrriais nursery rhymes (with and without actions) are presented with parallel English translation in the Jèrriais for parents and grandparents book, along with baby talk, phrases to use with children, and ideas for using Jèrriais with the youngest members of our community: